Quick Points are a feature on HiNative that shows how “Quick” users are at providing helpful answers to questions. The quicker you answer questions, the more points you’ll get!

<How to earn Quick Points>

  1. Answer questions within 60 minutes of their being posted on HiNative.
  2. Get a 👍 Upvote (Like) from the Question-asker or a Native Speaker.
  3. Earn points!

You can't earn points just by answering questions.
Tap on a user's profile picture to view their score, and head to your [Profile] page to view your own.

<Point amounts for answers posted within>

  • 5 minutes = 10 pts
  • 10 minutes = 8 pts
  • 15 minutes = 6 pts
  • 30 minutes = 4 pts
  • 60 minutes = 1 pt