<AI Credit>

AI functions are available up to a total of  50 times per month.  See here for the AI monga answer, and here for the HiNative AI chat.

  • The number of AI credits granted upon registration for the free trial is 10.  
  • After the free trial period, the number of AI credits remaining will be 50 when charges are applied.  If AI credits are used after the start of billing, the number of AI credits remaining will be restored to 50 every month starting from the date of registration.
  • Unused AI credits will not be carried over to the next month.

HiNative AI chat is currently available on iOS.


<Question templates>

You can use all question templates.

<Premium Tickets>

Receive 10 tickets per month to give your questions priority listing in the question feed.
Questions asked with a ticket stick to the very top of the question feed, get highlighted, and receive more answers on average. Awesome!
  • You receive 2 tickets when you register for a free trial, 10 tickets after the charges apply, and 10 tickets every month after that.  For more information on tickets, please see  What are tickets?


Collect your bookmarks into an easy-to-view, simple list that you can use to study and review.  
You can receive notifications when questions you bookmarked receive answers.


Everything is better with search. Search your old questions and bookmarks to find the information you want, faster.

<Play all audio/video answers>

Want to practice your pronunciation? Gain access to all audio/video answers and increase your opportunities to hear the pronunciation of real native speakers. Listen, study, learn.

<No ads>

Remove ads for a leaner, more focused experience.

<Translate Any Post, Any Time>

You can access the translation and reading display functions for both questions and answers.