<Business course> 1year course

Trek Business is the most general Business English course available on the Trek platform. Students will learn about business manners, the basics of writing emails and making calls, and other key phrases used by business professionals in modern-day America.

※Trek business is currently available in Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Korean, and Spanish (Latin America). For more info, please check the Business course website.

IT course> 2-year course. Subscription automatically renewed after the 1-year IT1 and will be switched to the IT Part2.

Trek IT1 was the first course available on the HiNative Trek platform.  The content covers common situations and conversations one can expect to experience and have in the American startup/IT scenes.  Students will practice giving product pitches, networking at conferences, and much more. Trek IT is currently available in Japanese.

Continuing on from the IT1, IT Part 2 goes into greater detail than the initial course and features more difficult (and we hope interesting) content overall. Students will conduct a company meeting, negotiate contracts, and more.

※Trek IT course is currently available in Japanese.  For more info, please check the IT course website.
※Users are unable to register only for IT part2.