HiNative Trek is an English learning program available through the HiNative iOS app and website.
The basic flow is as follows:

  • Students receive problems everyday, Monday through Friday.
  • Students turn in written and voice answers for each problem.
  • Our teachers provide each student with personalized feedback on their writing and pronunciation.
  • Audio answers can be posted at a later time separately from your written answers. To post a voice answer at a later time, tap the microphone icon on the answer form to record and post.
  • If you turn a problem in by 1pm(JST) on the day it became available, you will receive a correction by 6pm(JST). Problems turned in over the weekend will be corrected during the following week.For homework posted on the same day you received it, we'll do our very best to send you your corrections within 24 hours. Problems turned in over the weekend will be corrected the following week.

The course is designed to be taken over a full year, but students can also sign up in monthly increments.
For more information, please check the homepage.