On average, questions asked with Tickets get more answers than regular questions, and they get them faster. They're a great tool for when you need a quick answer or have a difficult question that isn't getting the answers you need. You receive 2 tickets when you register for a Premium free trial, 10 tickets after the charges apply, and 10 tickets every month after that. All unused tickets carry over to the next month.

<When a question is asked with a ticket>

  • The question is highlighted in yellow to help it stand out.
  • A premium "P" mark is placed next to the question owner's name to help it stand out even more.
  • The question is displayed at the top of the question feed until a set amount of time has passed or until it has received a large number of answers from native speakers of the target language.

<Limitation of the use of tickets>

There are two types of tickets.  Tickets are granted as a premium benefit.   Free tickets are purchased or given to users as a compliment.  Tickets issued every month to Premium users cannot be used when their membership becomes inactive.  On the other hand, free tickets are always usable, even by free users.  Any unused tickets will become usable once the user signs up for a new Premium membership.
※ Tickets issued to premium users before 2020/10/18 had been converted to free tickets and are usable even after their membership becomes inactive.

<Purchasing Tickets>

By Credit card on the Web

  1.  Go to [Settings]> [My account] page.  
  2.  Click the "Purchase 5 Tickets" button to purchase 5 tickets directly.
  3. Enter your credit card information
By Coins on the question option page (※ This option is currently available on iOS and the Web.)
  1. Check "Show my question at the top of the page"
  2. Tap "Charge" to purchase coins.  (What are Coins?)