All users can follow each other.  Follow to receive notifications when the next stream starts and/or the next question has been posted.

< Follow >

From profile
  1. Tap or Click the user profile icon you want to follow
  2. Tap or Click "Follow"
While Live streaming
  1. Tap a user's comment and their profile will show up.
  2. Tap [Follow]
While viewing Live stream
  1. Tap [+] on the top right of streamer's username
  2. Tap [OK]

< Unfollow >

  1. Tap or Click [Following] from profile screen
  2. Tap or Click the users you want to unfollow

<About notifications when users you follow post questions

  • This notification is available on iOS/Web.
  • You'll receive notifications from users you follow when they post questions about your native language.
  • While users you follow may post multiple questions per day, you'll receive at most one question notification per user, per day.