HiNative AI chat is a feature that allows you to ask questions to AI.

HiNative AI is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) specialized in language learning and cultural exchange, capable of answering questions automatically.

In addition to AI-generated responses, HiNative AI chat also displays relevant responses from the accumulated dataset of HiNative user’s answers.  This allows you to conveniently access both AI-generated answers and responses from native speakers all at once.

HiNative aims to be “a platform where you can obtain answers from both AI and native speakers.” through those features.

※ HiNative AI chat is currently available only on iOS.

※ Non-Premium Pro and Premium users can use HiNative AI chat up to once per day.

All users can still search through questions posted on HiNative.

Please see here for how to use HiNative AI chat.


<Content of the answers>

  • HiNative AI will not provide answers regarding contents in external links.
  • The content of the answers generated by AI monga does not express or imply the views of Lang-8, Inc.
  • The results generated may contain inaccuracies, biases, or misunderstandings.