"AI monga" allows you to receive answers from AI.  HiNative aims to be “a platform where you can obtain answers from both AI and native speakers.”

Asking questions on this platform serves as "a solution for those concerned about the validity of the AI-generated answers by having native speakers suggest their own responses to the questions.”

When native speakers are answering a question, please post your answer as well even if the AI's answer is correct. If a native speaker provides the same answer as AI monga, the questioner can be assured that the answer is correct.  Additionally, native speakers could help the questioners by checking if the answers provided by AI monga sound natural or not.

  AI monga is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) specialized in language learning and cultural exchange, capable of answering questions automatically. 

AI monga answer will be shown only to the questioner.

AI monga has become a benefit of Premium Pro and Premium membership.  Users who wish to receive AI answers need to sign up for Premium Pro or Premium.


<Types of questions that can be answered>

AI monga will generate a response when the questions are asked using the question templates:

  • How do you say 〜〜?
  • What does 〜〜 mean?
  • What is the difference?
  • Show the examples using 〜〜.
  • Questions about a country

<Content of the answers>

  • AI monga will not provide supplementary materials, images, audio, or external links to answer the questions.
  • The content of the answers generated by AI monga does not express or imply the views of Lang-8, Inc.
  • The results generated may contain inaccuracies, biases, or misunderstandings.