A HN box contains coins you can get when you meet specific conditions while watching a stream.

<How to get a HN box?>

  • The timer will start counting down soon after a listener has started watching the live stream.
  • A Listener has 20 seconds to open the HN box after the countdown ends.
  • Then, the listener can open the HN box and collect the coins.
  • The amount of coins in the box is random. It contains coins ranging from 1~3.
  • You can open the box twice a day per live streamer.
  • After the 20 seconds countdown to retrieve the coins has ended, the countdown for the next box will begin.

<What if the countdown stops?>

  • When the timer stops, you have to comment in order for the timer to resume.

※ Streaming without interaction or staying off the camera that only aims to let users collect HN boxes will receive a warning or a suspension.
※ Streaming without showing the face will also recieve a warning or a suspension.
※ We reserve the right to determine and change, at our discretion, the rules, operation and suspension of HN box.