When you participate in the event as a live streamer, your rank will be determined according to the responses (viewing time, gifts, comments, etc.) you receive from listeners.
The final results will be announced at the end of the event. You will receive rewards according to your ranking.

<View event details>

View event details from your feed
  1. Tap the event banner displayed on the Live Streaming tab or banners on each language/country's feed.
  2. Tap [Details].
View event details from the ongoing stream
  1. View the live stream of those who are participating in the event.
  2. Tap the event icon (trophy) displayed on the screen.
  3. Tap [Details].

<Participate in the event>

There are currently two ways to participate in the event. For details, please refer to the respective details page.
  • Entry Type・・・Tap the "Entry" button on the event detail page before the event starts.

<Support the distributors participating in the event>

You can support a live streamer by watching, sending a gift or commenting when they start going on live. By following a live streamer, you will be able to receive notifications when they start their live stream.