Diamonds are a reward for users who contribute outstanding content through their answers or live streams.  
You can check your diamond balance by tapping [Diamonds] from the settings page.  After earning a certain amount, diamonds may be converted to cash.  Diamonds can also be exchanged for coins on iOS and the web.

< How to withdraw diamonds >

  1. From Settings, tap [Diamonds]
  2. Enter the amount to withdraw
  3. Tap [Withdraw]
※ Please register your PayPal account if you do not have one as it is required for withdrawals.  
※ Currently, withdrawal requests for multiples of 100 diamonds over 500 can be made from the web browser version, or for any amount over 500 diamonds from the app.
※ Please register your residence information for withdrawals.
・Exact value may vary due to PayPal conversion rate.
・User bears PayPal transaction fees.
・Minimum diamond withdrawal amount is 500.
・Maximum diamond amount is 20,000 for any one withdrawal.
・Only one withdrawal allowed per month.
・Payment is sent to registered PayPal account within 2 months.
・PayPal account with incomplete info may lead to payment errors.
・Incorrect PayPal account info may lead to loss of payments.


< Withholding Tax (Gensen Choshu) when Redeeming Diamonds >

For residents of Japan, income tax and special reconstruction tax will be withheld at the time of diamond withdrawal.

【Calculating the Withholding tax (Gensen Choshu)】

If your withdrawal amount is 1,000,000 yen or less: 10.21% of the withdrawn amount. If the amount of withdrawal exceeds 1,000,000 yen: (Withdrawn amount - 1,000,000 yen) x 20.42% + 102,100 yen

Since the diamond is withdrawn in USD, it will be converted from USD to JPY on the date you applied for the withdrawal.

【More details】

Please refer to the "Message" of the PayPal transfer page for details of the JPY conversion, withholding tax, and payment amount. Please note that there is no withholding tax when diamonds are converted to coins.