The following contents are subject to the suspension of your stream.  Please take notice.
  • Streaming while driving
  • Smoking
  • Falling asleep
  • Leaving the stream for long periods of time
  • Streaming without video
  • Streaming without showing your face
  • Broadcasting TV shows
  • Game streaming
  • Streaming while at a karaoke club (Playing karaoke music is prohibited)
  • Streaming created by minors (You must be 18 or older)
  • Doing something that would hurt other streamers/listeners or cause trouble
  • Anything that may offend other streamers/listeners
  • Indecent behavior ( Including bathing, changing clothes, and revealing outfits)
  • Streaming other people or other people's copyrighted works
  • Underage drinking 
  • Streaming at places where photography is prohibited, places that disturb other people, or streaming while walking
  • Any other violations of the law
  • Anything that risks your health and safety, or involves dangerous activities
  • Enchanging personal information
  • Using for the purpose of meeting/dating other users
  • Streaming that does not involve communication between the streamer and listeners
  • Using for commercial purposes
  • Other violations of the terms. ( HiNative Terms of Use )

< Policy for Offending Accounts >

  • User will be sent a warning about offending behavior, and if offending behavior does not improve, account will be terminated.
  • Repeated offenses or abusive conduct will result in account termination without warning.
  • If an account is found to belong to a previously terminated user, all streaming privileges will also be revoked from that account.
※ Livestreaming is available for iOS.  Android are not supported for streaming, only viewing.