HiNative Coins can be used to purchase the following digital content in HiNative.
  • Gift
  • Paid question templates
  • Playback for resctricted audio answers
You can either charge coins from your settings page, when you send a gift, or when you use them.  The price for Coins can change from time to time, so please check the app for the latest price information.

If you use the 'Loyal Charge' available on the web, you can charge coins in a more reasonable price than the app. Take advantage of the Loyal Charge.

Playback for restricted audio answers with coins is currently available on iOS and Web.

<How to charge coins>

  1. Open your device's [Settings].
  2. Tap or Click the [Coin].
  3. Tap or Click the[Charge].
  4. Select the amount of coins.
※ Please refer to each platform's page for app payment methods.
※ If you get the message "You already have this item" when purchasing coins on Google Play, please try clearing the cache and the data of the Play Store.  Please see here for how to clear them.

※ For more information on gifts, please see the What are Gifts?