You can select and send a request for an answer to a question to up to 3 users who have given you an answer in the past. You must subscribe to the Platinum service to send answer requests and need 5 tickets.
This does not guarantee that you will get an answer from the users. The tickets will not be returned even if you could not receive answers from the users.
※ Users can subscribe HiNative Platinum and send Answer requests through iOS only.
※ New registrations for Platinum membership have closed as of April 2023.

<How to request answers>

  1. Tap the [Ask] button and then select the type of question. Select a language to ask about, type in your question, and tap [Next] on the top right of your screen.
  2. Tap [Request help from other users].
  3. Selet up to 3 users.
  4. Tap ' Post' on the top right of your screen.

<What do I do when i receive Answer requests?>

You see the questions with 'Awaiting 〇〇's answer’ on the top of question feeds, so please tap it and give your answer. You can tap [Skip] when you don't want to give an answer.