Each homework has a recording and テキスト/語彙/ヒント/課題 and a description in a gray box.


The テキスト is a short text that uses the grammar and/or vocabulary that you will be asked to use in your homework. This text is not meant to be an answer to the homework; it is simply a text to show one way in which particular grammar or vocabulary is used in English, and that will help improve your understanding of English used in business settings.


This is a link to a document that lists vocabulary from the テキスト.


The ヒント explains the grammar, vocabulary, or expression that you are focusing on for the current task. It will often explain the structure of English sentences. We do this so that you can learn to freely compose sentences and not simply memorize expressions. You need to use this explanation to complete the day’s task.


This section explains what you should write, and  is what your teacher expects from you. Tasks will often require you to write more than one sentence, and may sometimes require you to construct a complex sentence in steps. Some tasks include challenges, which require you to reference the ヒント  and テキスト and apply what you have learned to write a different kind of sentence.

To complete a task, read the ヒント, then read the 課題. Next, read the テキスト, and think about how the grammar, vocabulary, or expression explained in the ヒント has been used in the テキスト. Once you’ve done this, write the sentence that you’ve been asked to write in the 課題 section. If you have trouble constructing a sentence of your own, you can use the vocabulary listed in the vocabulary file (語彙).

After submitting your answer, a sample answer will appear. Please note that this is just one example of what could be written. Rarely is there ever only one correct answer.


Your teacher’s initial response will include the following:

  • A revised version of the sentences you wrote.
  • Explanation of significant edits.
  • A voice recording of the revised sentences.
  • Constructive pronunciation feedback (if you recorded a voice answer)

Your teacher will focus their feedback on the target grammar, expression, or vocabulary that was explained in the ヒント.

After you’ve read the feedback that you received, feel free to comment, send a stamp, or ask your teacher some questions. You may ask up to three questions per piece of homework. You can ask questions about any of the following.

  • The grammar, expression, or vocabulary explained in the ヒント.
  • Grammar or vocabulary used in the テキスト or sample answers.
  • The revised sentences your teacher provided.
  • Your teacher’s explanations.

Please do not ask questions about the example sentences in the vocabulary file. This is provided as an additional resource, only. Please see HiNative Trek Correction Policies for response times.

If you have an active Trek subscription, you can complete your homework at any time. However, if you cancel your subscription or it expires, homework will eventually expire. Once a piece of homework expires, you can access the sample answer, but you will not be able to submit a response or ask questions about that piece of homework. For more information on homework expiry, please see the HiNative Trek Correction Policies.