Quality Points show the general quality of each users' answers.
Answers made by users who are highly rated by other users and whose quality points put them in the "Top 1%" of users with the same native language will be marked with "Highly-rated answerer".

<How to earn Quality Points>

You receive Quality Points when you answer questions on HiNative about your native language and one of the following occurs.
  1. You receive a  👍 Upvote (Like) from the user who asked the question you answered.
  2. Another native speaker of your native language likes your answer.
  3. Your answer to a question is selected as the Featured Answer for that question.

Quality points displayed on the profile page represent points earned from answering language questions only.

You can view a user's ranking and the total number of Quality Points they have by checking their profile picture on a question's detail page or by viewing their profile page. Highly-rated answers will be highlighted in pink, and a message will be displayed that lists their ranking.

As of June 4, 2018, we made changes to quality point rewards as shown below.  The goal is to make sure that native speakers who post highly approved answers are rewarded with more points. As a result, users may notice a change in their quality points.

<How Quality Points are Awarded>

You will be rewarded with a set amount of Quality Points each time you earn them. How many you earn depends on the situation.

15 pts = Your answer is chosen as the Featured Answer
9 pts = Your answer is 👍 liked by a highly-rated native speaker
6 pts = Your answer is 👍 liked by a native speaker
2 pts = Your answer is 👍 liked by the question-asker
- 1 pt = Your answer is 👎 disagreed by the user