HiNative is a Q&A platform for language learners. You can ask questions about the languages you're learning and answer questions about your own native language. It's a friendly, give and take community of language learners and people interested in different cultures!  
You can also join our live streams and learn languages and cultures.  See here for the details.

Ask questions>

  • Tap or Click the [Ask] button on your screen and then select the type of question you want to ask.
  • Select a language to ask about, type in your question, and tap [Post] on your screen.
  • You can also add pictures and voice recordings to questions via the icons at the bottom of your screen!

<Answer questions>

  • Browse the question feeds until you find a question you know the answer to.
  • Tap or Click a question to open it, and type your answer into the text area at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap or Click the orange arrow to post your answer.
  • You can upload pictures and voice recordings to answers too! Tap or Click the (+) icon above your keyboard to open up the options menu.

<Add languages>

If you want to learn about more languages than the ones registered to your account, you'll need to add them first.
  • To add more languages, tap or click [Edit] next to your profile picture on your profile page.
  • Scroll down to your "Languages of interested" and tap or click [Add language you are interested in].
  • Once you've added a new language, make sure to tap [OK] for the app, click [Save changes] for the web browser in the top right of your screen to save the changes.